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Myself Sucharita Banerjee, a person behind this wonderful Blog who came up among yourselves. It’s nice to know that you want to know more about my blog. So, here are little introductions about myself.

            Basically I belong to Kolkata, a joyful city of West Bengal. I have done my graduation in Geography Honours from West Bengal State University, after that I have done a Diploma in Computer Application & Programming. Anything which is related to technology is fascinating me and I love to discuss about those things. That’s why I started this blog so that I can share my Knowledge & Experience with all of you.

What is sikhotechnically.com?

    Nowdays technology is so advanced that new discoveries are being introduced almost everyday. But users can’t understand how to use these new things at first. If you want to know the use of these new things, you have to take the help of some means.So, sikhotechnically.com is here to help you on your technical journey.

Why do you follow sikhotechnically.com?

In the present times, there are many technical websites are available on internet. Most of them are providing fake information. So, sikhotechnically.com is a website where you will find 100% true and authentic information. It doesn’t provide you any unnecessary information which is not related to the main topic.

Here you will find post related to the following categories-

TECHNOLOGY- In technology, you will find –

  1. Android Apps:- Tips & Tricks about the apps and how to use them.
  2. How To:- How to use technical inventions in your daily life.
  3. Technical News:- Whenever something new is invented or any news related to technology, you will find here.

MAKE MONEY  In this category you will find knowledge about-

  1.   Social Media:-How to earn money from social media(Instagram,Facebook,YouTube, Pinterest etc.)  
  2. Business:- Here you will find many business ideas which you can easily do from home with minimum investment.
  3. Apps:- We all  know in present days there are many apps are available by which you can earn a handsome money.You will get all the important features and uses of these apps over here.
  4. Jobs:- You will also get information about Jobs whether it is in Govt sector or in various reputed companies.
  5. Others:- Among the other earning options, you will get knowledge about- Digital  Marketing, Freelancing, Skill Development, Affiliate Marketing,  Content Witting, Web Developing etc.

    Main aim of sikhotechnically.com-

    Sikhotechnically.com provides you all the information about technology under a single platform, for which you don’t have to go any other platforms to find answers to your questions and your time will save. It provides you 100% original & accurate information. Each post of this blog is written in such a simple way that the readers can easily understated it and gather information easily. I promise you that after reading this blog you won’t want to leave it.

    So, be with us. If you have any questions or suggestions, related to our website, then you can share it in our comment box or you can also contact us through our Contact us page.

    Thank you so much for visiting our website.

    Disclaimer:- Sikhotechnically.com provides you only technology related information. Our main target is to educate yourselves about technology and simplifying the use of technology in your daily life.

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